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Professor Dennis J. Baker

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Professor Dennis J. Baker

Professor Dennis J. Baker (MPhil., Ph.D. Cambridge) is one of the world’s leading criminal law scholars. A prolific researcher and lecturer, Baker is widely cited by scholars and courts. His works have been cited by the Supreme Court of Canada, the Supreme Court of New Zealand, the High Court of Australia, the Court of Appeal of New Zealand, and by Court of Appeal judges in the U.K. Law Reform Commissions and Government Inquiries also have cited him. He has held tenured posts in 3 jurisdictions and some of his writings have been translated into Chinese Mandarin. Professor Baker comes to us from King’s College London where he was based for almost a decade and where he was Head of the Criminal Law and Criminal Justice group. He was also the former Chairperson of LNAT. Prior to taking up his post at King’s College London, he taught at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and before that at the University of Cambridge.


Solo Authored Books

  1. Dennis J. Baker, The Right Not to be Criminalized: Demarcating Criminal Law’s Authority, (London: Ashgate Applied Legal Philosophy Series, 2011 (ISBN 978-1-4094-2765-0.)). (308-pages).
    (Reviewed by Professor Harding in the Cambrian Law Review, (2011) Vol. 42, pp. 167-184.
  2. Dennis J. Baker, Glanville Williams: Textbook of Criminal Law, (London: 3rd edn., Sweet & Maxwell, 2012 (ISBN: 9780414046139). (1504-pages).
    (Reviewed by Professor Michael Jefferson, in Criminal Law Review, 2014, 2, 165-167).
  3. Dennis J. Baker, Glanville Williams: Textbook of Criminal Law, (London: 4th edn., Sweet & Maxwell, 2015) ISBN: 9780414037342 (1720) pages).

Edited Book

  1. Dennis J. Baker & Jeremy Horder (editors) The Sanctity of Life and the Criminal Law, (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2013 (ISBN: 9781107020474). Approx. 358 pages).
    Reviewed by Professor G.R. Sullivan: See G. R. Sullivan, “Professing the Criminal Law,” (2014) 12 Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law 267-286.

Double Blind Refereed Journal Articles

Journal Articles United States

  • Dennis J. Baker, “Reinterpreting the Mental Element in Criminal Complicity: Change of Normative Position Theory Cannot Rationalize the Current Law,” (2016) 40 Law & Psychology Review 1-140. 
  • Dennis J. Baker, “Mutual Combat Complicity, Transferred Intention/Defenses and the Exempt Party Defense,” (2016) 37 University of La Verne Law Review 1-80.  
  • Dennis J. Baker, “Conceptualizing Inchoate Complicity: The Normative and Doctrinal Case for Lessor Offenses as an Alternative to Complicity Liability,” (2016) 25(1) Southern California Interdisciplinary Law Journal 1-70.  
  • Dennis J. Baker, “Should Unnecessary Harmful Nontherapeutic Cosmetic Surgery be Criminalized?” (2014) 17(4) New Criminal Law Review 587-630.
  • Dennis J. Baker, ‘The Moral Limits of Criminalizing Remote Harms,’ (2007) 10(3) Buffalo Criminal Law Review 371-391.
  • Dennis J. Baker, ‘Constitutionalizing the Harm Principle,’ (2008) 27(2) Criminal Justice Ethics 3-28.
  • Dennis J. Baker, ‘Collective Criminalization and the Constitutional Right to Endanger Others,’ (2009) 28(2) Criminal Justice Ethics 168-200.
  • Dennis J. Baker, ‘The Moral Limits of Consent as a Defense in the Criminal Law,’ (2009) 12(1) Buffalo Criminal Law Review 93-121.
  • Dennis J. Baker, “Complicity, Proportionality and the Serious Crime Act” (2011) 14(3) Buffalo Criminal Law Review 403-426.
  • Dennis J. Baker & Lucy X. Zhao, “The Normativity of Using Prison to Control Hate Speech: The Hollowness of Waldron’s Harm Theory,” (2013) 16(4) New Criminal Law Review 621-656.
  • Dennis J. Baker & Lucy X. Zhao, “Responsibility Links, Fair Labelling and Proportionality in China: Comparing China’s Criminal Law Theory and Doctrine,” (2009) 14(2) UCLA Journal of International Law and Foreign Affairs 274-334.

Journal Articles Canada

  • Dennis J. Baker, “The Impossibility of a Critically Objective Criminal Law,” (2011) 56(2) McGill L. J. 349-394.

Journal Articles Australia

  • Dennis J. Baker, ‘The Harm Principle vs. Kantian Criteria for Ensuring Fair, Principled and Just Criminalisation,’ (2008) 33 Australian Journal of Legal Philosophy 66-99.
  • Dennis J. Baker, ‘Punishment Without A Crime: Is Preventive Detention Reconcilable with Justice?’ (2009) 34 Australian Journal of Legal Philosophy 120-150.
  • Dennis J. Baker, ‘Rethinking Consensual Harm Doing,’ (2008) 12 UWS Law Review 21-39.

Journal Articles Singapore

  • Dennis J. Baker, ‘The Sense and Nonsense of Criminalising Transfers of Obscene Materials,’ (2008) 26 Singapore Law Review 126-155.

Journal Articles China

  • Dennis J. Baker, 责任关系、罪刑相应及相当性原则——中国刑法理论与原则之比较研究

Journal Articles United Kingdom

  • Dennis J. Baker, ‘A Critical Evaluation of the Historical and Contemporary Justifications for Criminalising Begging,’ (2009) 73(3) Journal of Criminal Law 212-240.
  • Dennis J. Baker, “Omissions Liability for Homicide Offences: Reconciling R. v. Kennedy (No. 2) with R. v. Evans,” (2010) 74(4) Journal of Criminal Law 310-320.
  • Dennis J. Baker, “Liability for Encouraging One’s Own Murder, Victims and Other Exempt Parties,” (2012) 23(3 )King’s Law Journal 257–285.

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